Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's up everyone, for my first post of music i'm going to leave you with with a few tracks of various genres.  By the way. It might seem weird that i'm posting the same thing in two different blogs about the same thing, dont worry about it.

This first track is one my personal favorites.

Second track is some trance thats more on the minimal side of things.  At 2:50 the euphoria will kick in (the glitch beat at 2:50 gives me chills).  Be sure to check out the original too.

If you like dutch house you'll love this third track.  I posted the instrumental because I think it's much better.

The final track in this post is some liquid DnB.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

First post of this blog post

Hey everyone, decided to make a new blog so i can get a more interesting name.  Anyways same thing as my previous blog non-commercial electronic music.  I will be posting non commercial electronic music everything from dubstep to house to trance to idm.  Be sure to follow for some great music!